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Maskers, from China to Netherlands


In late March, our business partner in Netherlands purchased over 40,000 of Particulate Respirator. We had been through some hard time dealing with the delayed flight and export documents. Finally, we came over it anyway.

One week later, we got a midnight phone call from the Netherlands. "My client just drove to my office and ask for more. We would like to make a new order," said the voice on the phone.

So that is what happens now. We, Global Info Limited, are going to ship 100,000 pieces of Particulate Respirator, LJK KN95 Stereo Mask, this week.

Masks ready to ship to the Netherlands on 19/4/2020

We, Hong Kong people, learned long ago how important masks are in cutting the infection chain. It works indeed. Here is a little information about the mask type. Different from the flat face mask, stereo mask usually contains more layers — the flat face mask is 3 ply, while the stereo mask is 4 or 5 ply. By “more layers” it means more manufacture processes. Besides, some of these processes need to be finished by hand, which is why the output of the stereo mask is lower than the flat mask.

Factory running over 10 hours to fulfill the orders

We are committed to providing affordable high-quality masks to everyone, and that is what we have been doing since January 2020. After comparing different mask factories, we decided to cooperate with LJK. Not only because of the reasonable price, but also the high standard of the production process. Although this type is only for personal use rather than medical use, the manufacturer adds a UV light sanitizing process before packing.

Masks sanitized by UV light

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