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New Launch in
Hong Kong Internation Medical and 
Healthcare Fair 2022

Welcome to visit our booths 3E-E26, 3E-F23 and learn about us! 


Reusable Isolation Gown

有別於市面上一般即棄隔離衣,是一個環保的選擇。全球唯一ISO 13485標準且完全通過 AAMI Level 2,保證可以75度高溫清洗100次,配有客製化清洗指示,將來可提供清洗服務。每件都配有RFID,可有效追查清洗次數,同時提供維修服務。

Different from the general disposable isolation gowns on the market, it is an environmentally friendly choice. The world's only ISO 13485 standard and Full Compliance AAMI Level 2, guaranteed to be able to be cleaned 100 times at a high temperature of 75 degrees, with customized cleaning instructions, and cleaning services can be provided in the future. Each piece is equipped with RFID, which can effectively track the number of cleanings and provide maintenance services.

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Depilatory Cream For Surgery


Medical grade, produce in  CGMP standard, hypoallergenic formula, developed for private parts and other parts, which can help reduce the risk of postoperative infection. Welcome to visit our booth for more information.

HOLYMED AAMI Level 4 手術衣

HolyMED Level 4 Surgery Gown

The sole distributor of HOLYMED in Hong Kong, FDA 510(K) certified.



CoolMax Uniform


CoolMax 認可生產商,成品配以「CoolMax」原廠認證吊牌。可選配RFID,追查清洗次數,保證期為一年,保證能以75度高溫清洗一年,若於保證期內有任何損壞即可以「一換一」。

Effective bacteriostatic, in line with medical use. CoolMax is an approved manufacturer, and the finished product is accompanied by a "CoolMax" original factory certification tag. Optional RFID can be used to track cleaning times. The guarantee period is one year. It is guaranteed to be cleaned at a high temperature of 75 degrees for one year. If there is any damage during the guarantee period, it can be "one-for-one".


Illume Hand Sanitiszer


全新研發概念性產品,以ISO 9001 標準生產,醫療級別,達至CGMP標準,專為醫護研發,配以顯光裝置可有效檢查消毒情況,以減少病毒帶出社區危機,保障社區安全。

Newly developed conceptual products, produced in accordance with ISO 9001 standards, medical grade, up to CGMP standards, specially developed for medical care, equipped with blue light devices to effectively check the disinfection situation, so as to reduce the virus brought out of the community crisis and ensure the safety of the community.

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